12 Apr 2018

T-shirts and Iron-On

I like knits a lot. I have a lot of fabric too and keep buying them. I also discovered lately that I can get cool iron-on patches from Aliexpress. So I made a T-shirt for myself and added some kick to it. It almost looks like bought.
In addition I also started ironing on patches to my kids´ RTW clothes as they both like to have something on (not letters).
Few things to be careful about when ironing -

1. Always use a piece of fabric between the iron and the patch.

2. Be persistent but don´t go over 2 dots on the iron (140-150 C). If you do so it might melt the patch too much and it will stick on the foil. Can be saved but better avoid the hassle (remove the foil carefully - most challenging - and iron more with the fabric over)

3. If you can´t pull the foil from one end try other ends. You still can iron for a few more seconds with the fabric on top but without the foil.

4. Make sure edges are properly done. Otherwise half of the motive will come off after the first wash.

5. Always wash inside out.

Burda 2/2013 Modell 126

Ruffled sleeves and pretty neckline with bias binding

Young Lady´s look-alike T-shirt with the same kid´s size iron-on

Too many letters and too small motives might be challenging when ironing - I´m skeptical how long this will last

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