19 May 2020

Corona Blanket

I just call it that way. Finished it for Junior, Young Lady asked for one too so already in the making of the second.
100% wool yarn (200m/100g), hook size 5.
Zigzag pattern, super easy crochet.

In the making
Look who´s hiding

18 May 2020

Stashbust April-May

Lockdown week 10 - I´m getting tired of this to be honest. Most of the sewing I do is really just mending knees of pnats as my kids tend to kill these super fast.
The few pieces I made in a month or so -

3/4 leggings for young lady Ottobre pattern

Jersey dress with, Ottobre

Matching shorts, Ottobre

The only dress I made for myself was on my dressform for more than a month only waiting to be photographed. Burda pattern, 5/2019, neckline both at the front and back hacked. Finished as a V-neck.


V-neck with bias binding


30 Mar 2020


I love making carneval costumes. Almost every year since I have kids I've done one or two.
This year only Young Lady wanted me to do something for her. Yep, a Frozen dress.
 So I came up with this (sincere apologies for not ironing) -

The long cape is detachable and the dress is made of silk. The iron-on patch was her idea (I was strongly against, but hey, she was wearing it not me). If course we bought a wade and gloves so she had all she needed to look like Elza.

29 Mar 2020

Time for Long Sleeves

I got bored of the ones I had - and didn´t want to start spending money on these either. So I made 2 using a raglan sleeve pattern of Burda 2/2010.
The angel wings for the white one are originally iron-on patches but I always hand sew these patches to make sure they won´t come off after wash #3.


Back - the angel wings are iron-on

The striped one is made of rib jersey. This is just a simple long-sleeve T-shirt pattern I have since ages and done gazillions of it.

 I didn´t literally mean the patch but it became the reality. I tried to bind the neckline with the rib fabric and failed miserably. I had to rip all of it out (didn´t want to just cut it off as the neckline would have been too deep then) and replace with fold-over elastic.