14 Aug 2018

Last makes of July

Just for the record a few items to fill wardrobe gaps and use the deep stash.

For the times when I need a silver metallic look I used a very deep stash fabric. It wasn´t even recorded in my file but I remember buying it - when I moved over to Germany back in 2011.
I used the pattern a million times already - more details here. This time I opted out the waterfall neckline and just replaced it with a normal one.

Summer dress for the hot days. This was the one which I screwed. Tried to finish the neckline with FOE and ended up ripping the whole thing out. Yes, double zigzag, was a fun project for a few evenings. Finally I finished with normal bias binding. Fabric was not stash - so count it as preventive stashbusting? The pattern is the dress version of Burda 2/2013 model 126 (latest T-shirt makes here - and here. I had to add to darts tot he back though. The fabric they called was a jersey knit and I used a woven stretch. It wasn´t just as drapey so adding the dart was the right thing to do.

Burda 2/2013

Shorts to use the last piece of the fabric -
Burda 6/2011

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