7 Dec 2018

I am sewing - but not blogging

lately. We´ve had a lot of ups and downs in November and way more paid work than I like. So sewing time was very limited.
I managed to do a few things though  -
Tulle with lace. Easy make of Burda 2/2006

Stash fabric and stash lace

Ruffled sleeves.

Self drafted with FOE - only had 1 m of fabric so I had to play around to make it a long sleeve.

This is what I did at the end. Zero fabric left.

Young Lady´s skirt - she asked for something yellow.

Vintage lace recycle.

Leftover Nicki fabric

Banana Sweet dress of fleece for Young Lady

Hoodie lined with cotton knit leftover

2 Nov 2018

October is gone without me

I had little to no time for sewing. Life´s hard and bills need to be paid. 
I managed to make a long sleeve T-hirt (boring) and a jersey jacket for myself and a pair of leggings (kindof) for Young Lady. No stash used (don´t kick me pls I´ll go and do it myself). I also gave Sew-So Easy´s Wrap Top a try but I didn´t come out the way I expected - not at all. So that I consider a fail.

Pattern Ottobre 5/2013

11 Oct 2018

Being mediocre in sewing - not being afraid to have a hobby

Some do. There´s a journey to perfection - or professionalism. You can´t just be there without the sweat, pain and fun of the learning curve. People tend to forget that - and many of them won´t take the time to learn either. I like to make mistakes cause I learn from them. I like to be mediocre knowing the way ahead of me. It sucks to be perfect (and must be awfully boring as well) - what would you strive for without having a target?

Don´t be afraid. Read this. And keep or choose a hobby. We all need hobbies.

10 Oct 2018

Transition continues

At least I´m taking pictures now of my September makes - trying to do it when stuff is not in the laundry.
More leggings for Young Lady and a pair of jogging pants. I´m getting very picky to buy stuff for my kids lately and discovered that clothing of 100% cotton is hard to find. At least the basics are easy to sew. Young Lady needs almost a full new wardrobe as she grew a lot.

Ottobre 4/2013 slightly hacked and simplified

Versions of Ottobre 1/2014

1 Oct 2018

Transitional Sewing

I was sewing - not blogging. Now it´s time to start taking pictures. Here are the first ones from September. The T-shirt I made a bunch of times and still like it a lot. This one is done of leftovers.

Young Lady is growing and needs a full new wardrobe. I already started back in summer but there´s a lot more on the list. Dress made of leftovers with pockets and a snap closure at the back. I have no idea how the Ottobre designers thought this would work without a closure. I´ve noticed this a few times already that the neck openings are left a bit tight.

Burda 2/2013 Model 126

Ottobre 4/2017

Back opening with the snap - I had to cut about 10cm-s to make sure it gets over her head