25 Oct 2017

22 Mar 2017

Jan-March Partial Tally

I´m sewing but not blogging. It´s either or as I have other stuff going on as well.
So here´re some of my ready items in the past 3 months (more to come as soon as I get the chance to take more pictures)-
Dress Young Lady Ottobre 4/2014

For the toy kitchen

Tunic Young Lady 4/2013

Close up - vintage lace

Young Lady leggings of leftover fabric

Young Lady skirts Ottobre 4/2014 of leftovers
One more skirt of leftover
Varrok de nem blogolok, mert sajnos mostanság csak az egyikre van időm. A varrás szokott nyerni. Kisasszony kapott sok ruhát mert lassan itt az ideje hogy elkezdjen lányosan öltözni (eddig többnyire Juniortól örökölt cuccai voltak). Itt van pár dolog az elmúlt 3 hónapból. Amint lesz időm fotózni a többit azok is felkerülnek.

28 Nov 2016

October Tally Up

Other things are taking most of my time these days so it took a month to be able to write this post. In a nutshell - 5.5m-s out, none in. Most of the stashbust is due to charity, only one top done for myself. I also finished a stole using super thin yarn with a very simple pattern which gives a nice wavy edge without further magic.
Here´s the pattern -
1. cast on even number of stitches
2.knit all stitches
3. purl all stitches
4. (k2tog)4x; (yo, k1)8x; (k2tog)4x; repeat to end
5. purl
6. repeat rows 2-5 until running out of yarn :)
Finishing row - bind off loosely

Burda 10/2012

Mostanában más dolgokkal foglalkozom, így egy hónapig tartott az októberi összesítő. 5.5m összesen, ebből 4m ment jótékonykodásra. Csak egy felső készült nekem, meg egy sál, cérnavékony gyapjúból, szép hullámos széllel amit nem kell blokkolni :)

15 Oct 2016

Speaking of Charity

So, few ideas about charity.

1. Fabric purge
Be brutally honest to yourself and go through your stash. I´m sure there are a few pieces of fabrics you will NEVER use. Either it´s color issue, or a texture issue, or the fibres are not yours or whatever. Just get rid of these by giving them away either to charity organizations or local kindergartens/shcools or orphanages. They probably can make good use of it. Before showing up with a bag of these it´s worth to ask though. Same applies for larger pieces of scraps (when I say larger I mean big enough to make a doll´s dress or similar out of it). You´ll feel much better for a few reasons - no more stress to make use of these fabrics, more space in your storage AND you´ve made a few people happy.
This idea is also applicable for yarn stash.

2. Sewing for a good purpose
Or you can make Santa stockings for orphanages, kids hospice, hospitals etc.
Or kids scarves/hats from fleece leftovers.

Hope this helps a bit to reduce stash and show that we, who sew all care.