12 Jun 2019

Other Makes

I did some stashbusting in the past few weeks as well - here´s the list -

Skirt cut on bias, totally simple A line

Dress for Young Lady Ottobre 3/2013 Flower Hexagon of leftovers
And the bonus sleeveless top (non stash). The original pattern was with facings on both back and front. I didn´t have enough fabric so I just used some stash bias binding on the edges.

Ottobre pattern hack

11 Jun 2019

Weary Morning

Going one morning to the office (one of the offices I need to go regularly) a colleague of mine had a remark about my outfit (and my whole appearance) being too dark. I tried not to hear it. He was persistent and said again later in the day. Even asked why. He was not trying to flirt - I´m almost sure he´s gay - just likes to make these remarks - including calling me young lady even though I have a few years on him (he´s being sarcastic). 
This was the dress I was wearing - I made it back in 2013. That day I had  it on with light grey tights and red shoes. Not sure how much the fact that I had to hit the road before 6am and that we were just back from holiday added to the whole impression - I assume not as much as the dress. It was a beautiful morning.

The coincidence was that the same morning I was thinking the dress is getting a bit old (6ys of service) and I started to see some pilling on the fabric as well. 

So I went to my stash I hoarded lately and picked up the latest Burda. Made this to show off next time in the office.

Pattern is Burda 5/2019. I keep screwing the back, here´s how it looked at the beginning -

And here it is fixed (yes, I had to remove the zipper). Now the patter is also somewhat aligned.

21 Apr 2019

Hoarding On

Part of the reason me not blogging is the recent fever I got to buy more fabrics (or the lack of sewing time - or both). I´m already past the stage of feeling guilty for hoarding - to my excuse I´ve been only buying quality fabrics. Other excuse I have is my sewing time has decreased so dramatically that I tried to compensate by fingers being itchy by buying fabrics and daydreaming about my next projects.

I did finish a few things though that turned out to be gorgeous. I´ve left the idea behind that my waist is not small enough for belts - after I tried this on with different skirts I made earlier.

Ottobre 5/2013
Belt from Etsy

Other big revelation I had was to go up by a size. Sounds painful but solves a lot of fitting issues. In reality my upper body is between 36 and 38 except by back and shoulder width so this has always been a pain with 38 patterns.
My waist and hips grew somewhat  and giving birth to 2 kids is not the real excuse. I think it comes with age - even though I do some sports and try to cut sweets back my metabolism is not what it used to be.
So my jacket and my dress were still in size 38 but I had to adjust here and there a bit.
Burda pattern

Jacket Ottobre 5/2013
Other big revelation I had was I need more clothes. A lot of them are old and worn out and boring so time for a change. Off to my fabric stash.

3 Jan 2019

RTW Fast 2018 - Summary

The rules were pretty tough - no new clothing bought for a full year except underwear, shoes or accessories. I signed up to see if I can manage at all.
I did manage and drew a few unexpected conclusions.

1. I became more conscious about buying clothes generally. I had to buy stuff for the kids and was surprised to see me checking for fair conditions and good quality materials. I'm trying to eliminate polyester and plastics as much as possible from everyone's wardrobe in the family.

2. I was very happy to realize I did my winter coat and jeans buys late in 2017 - so no need arose in 2018. It would have been very hard to make any of these. 

3. Swimwear was also on the no-go list. Although I have already sewn swimwear it's not something I want to do regularly. I had new ones from 2017 so again no need in 2018 but for sure this year I'll get some new ones.

4. I became more picky on items to buy. My self-made items last at least 3 seasons so that has become my expectation for RTW. Honestly, this is limiting - the price tag that comes with this is usually higher than my pain-threshold. I learnt a lot about fabrics and learnt to differentiate between high and good quality. This also helps when I buy fabric for my projects.

5. I sewn silk this year. It was a feared fabric due mainly to price. I ended up being able to make something I like wearing but I also learnt that I need to do a muslin before I cut into my expensive JT silks.

I will not be fasting in 2019 - however being more conscious will probably result in less RTW buys and longer lasting items. 

2 Jan 2019

Last makes of December

Deep stash busted for some pillow covers -

The Santas for the kids were done on their request - free pattern available from Ravelry.
Santas for the kids

This fabric is at least 10ys old.

Hat meant to be for me - Young Lady likes to steal it.
Hat Pattern availablfe for free on Ravelry.