15 Aug 2019

Stashbust for Kids

Kids are growing fast - Young Lady needed a pair of lighter pants and she ended up getting an extra dress of leftovers. All stashbust :) Good thing is I used all the patterns at least twice before so all of these went pretty quick. A tweak here and there so it doesn't look exactly the same at all times.

Ottobre pattern - 4/2013

Ottobre 4/2014 Banana Sweet - opted out the hoodie and the front placket

19 Jul 2019

For the record

I keep sewing - here are my last makes.

Dress with leo print -

Pattern Burda 5/2019

Yes, this is the back

Red dress which I always wanted to have. Pattern Burda 10/2011. The embroidery on the bottom took longer than sewing the dress itself (17 minutes each+prep). This is stashbusting too!

And a pair of jogging pants for Junior. He kept telling me he didn´t want me to sew for him as it always looked like home-made. I bought some ribbing and a few patches. When it was ready I asked him how it looks - and these pants passed the test.

12 Jun 2019

Other Makes

I did some stashbusting in the past few weeks as well - here´s the list -

Skirt cut on bias, totally simple A line

Dress for Young Lady Ottobre 3/2013 Flower Hexagon of leftovers
And the bonus sleeveless top (non stash). The original pattern was with facings on both back and front. I didn´t have enough fabric so I just used some stash bias binding on the edges.

Ottobre pattern hack

11 Jun 2019

Weary Morning

Going one morning to the office (one of the offices I need to go regularly) a colleague of mine had a remark about my outfit (and my whole appearance) being too dark. I tried not to hear it. He was persistent and said again later in the day. Even asked why. He was not trying to flirt - I´m almost sure he´s gay - just likes to make these remarks - including calling me young lady even though I have a few years on him (he´s being sarcastic). 
This was the dress I was wearing - I made it back in 2013. That day I had  it on with light grey tights and red shoes. Not sure how much the fact that I had to hit the road before 6am and that we were just back from holiday added to the whole impression - I assume not as much as the dress. It was a beautiful morning.

The coincidence was that the same morning I was thinking the dress is getting a bit old (6ys of service) and I started to see some pilling on the fabric as well. 

So I went to my stash I hoarded lately and picked up the latest Burda. Made this to show off next time in the office.

Pattern is Burda 5/2019. I keep screwing the back, here´s how it looked at the beginning -

And here it is fixed (yes, I had to remove the zipper). Now the patter is also somewhat aligned.

21 Apr 2019

Hoarding On

Part of the reason me not blogging is the recent fever I got to buy more fabrics (or the lack of sewing time - or both). I´m already past the stage of feeling guilty for hoarding - to my excuse I´ve been only buying quality fabrics. Other excuse I have is my sewing time has decreased so dramatically that I tried to compensate by fingers being itchy by buying fabrics and daydreaming about my next projects.

I did finish a few things though that turned out to be gorgeous. I´ve left the idea behind that my waist is not small enough for belts - after I tried this on with different skirts I made earlier.

Ottobre 5/2013
Belt from Etsy

Other big revelation I had was to go up by a size. Sounds painful but solves a lot of fitting issues. In reality my upper body is between 36 and 38 except by back and shoulder width so this has always been a pain with 38 patterns.
My waist and hips grew somewhat  and giving birth to 2 kids is not the real excuse. I think it comes with age - even though I do some sports and try to cut sweets back my metabolism is not what it used to be.
So my jacket and my dress were still in size 38 but I had to adjust here and there a bit.
Burda pattern

Jacket Ottobre 5/2013
Other big revelation I had was I need more clothes. A lot of them are old and worn out and boring so time for a change. Off to my fabric stash.