15 Aug 2018

Worth to go the extra mile

I recently bought linen jersey. Never worked with this fabric so was exited how it will behave. Honestly, nothing different than any other jersey.
So why not try 2 new things in one go? I had the pattern since ages and recently realized the shoulder seam was always about 1cm short on both sides. Sooo- I did my first ever scientific pattern hack with a ruler and everything. Turned out to be just perfect.

Some hints on how to do a shoulder width adjustment -

And the final garment -

The flowers came as iron-on but I never trust them. I always sew on these by hand after ironing on as they tend to come off after the first wash. This took longer than the making the whole T-shirt.

I also finished a cover for my coverlock as the original plastic simply gave up service and retired. Or maybe better put - opted out for recycling (ended up in the plastic selective garbage).

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