1 Mar 2018

Discovering Thai Silk Part II

After visiting the Jim Thompson House and realizing they don´t sell silk by the meter I was more than disappointed. However the ladies at the souvenir shop gave some directions on how to get to the main store. So I hopped onto the Skytrain and hopped off at Sala Daeng. A few minutes of walk and there it was - the store of my dreams.
It was opened in the 50´s - it´s again a building you wouldn´t expect in the area. Like a little oasis of a small town feeling.

A two-story building with a nice coffee shop inside with view to the beautiful fabrics on the second floor-

Printed silk medium weight @ $30/m

Uni silk medium weight @ cc. $25/m

More printed silk

...and more printed silk

They also had some heavier silk jacquard @ $70/m. I ended up buying these beauties.

This is the heavy jacquard - it´s black and beautiful

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