10 Mar 2018

Discovering Thai Silk Part III

I learnt a lot from this trip to Bangkok on silk. Yes, I also ended up buying polyester hoping it was silk. By now I know how to differentiate between fake and real - luckily I didn´t pay unreasonable prices for the polyester I got at the end.
Lessons learned -
1. Real thai silk comes in real shops. Never in malls, markets and such- unless you go to the provinces and able to find the families producing it.
2. Real thai silk has it´s price. Don´t expect anything under $15/m (that´s plain silk without print or woven pattern). The sellers of real silk wouldn´t bargain much either (if at all).

These are all polyester

They come in plastic bags/4m/bag

Here are a few useful links on where and how to buy Thai silk in Thailand/Bangkok.
Buying Silk in Bangkok
Be able to differentiate between silk and poly
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More info on thai silk

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