28 Feb 2018

Discovering Thai Silk Part I.

I was lucky enough to get to Thailand recently and have the chance to discover what´s called Thai silk - and the man who was behind it.
Jim Thompson was an American doing military service in the region - and decided to stay there after. He was originally an architect but had a passion for silk - and slowly revived Thai silk production which was mainly done manually in small villages in Northern Thailand. His company is still operational and although owned by shareholders the majority is still in Thai hands. The silk they sell is known for quality and reasonable pricing.
Lots of books are available on the story, where he had luck and how he managed to create not only the quality product we know today but also develop the market for it. 
My first visit lead to his house in Bangkok which is a small island in the middle of a thriving metropol amongst skyscrapers. 
It´s by the Klong (or canal) and made of 6 traditional houses built together. Photos are not allowed inside the house but multiple books are available what´s in there (I can tell JT had a passion also for antiques from the region so the house is packed with ancient sculptures and household items)

View to the Klong

Traditional way of unraveling silk fiber

Island in the city
Some literature to read -

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