15 Oct 2016

Speaking of Charity

So, few ideas about charity.

1. Fabric purge
Be brutally honest to yourself and go through your stash. I´m sure there are a few pieces of fabrics you will NEVER use. Either it´s color issue, or a texture issue, or the fibres are not yours or whatever. Just get rid of these by giving them away either to charity organizations or local kindergartens/shcools or orphanages. They probably can make good use of it. Before showing up with a bag of these it´s worth to ask though. Same applies for larger pieces of scraps (when I say larger I mean big enough to make a doll´s dress or similar out of it). You´ll feel much better for a few reasons - no more stress to make use of these fabrics, more space in your storage AND you´ve made a few people happy.
This idea is also applicable for yarn stash.

2. Sewing for a good purpose
Or you can make Santa stockings for orphanages, kids hospice, hospitals etc.
Or kids scarves/hats from fleece leftovers.

Hope this helps a bit to reduce stash and show that we, who sew all care.

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