1 Oct 2016

October Is Sewing For Charity Month!

And I´m hosting!
I´ve had a post about charity before so to start here´s the link to it -
Baby Bibs with pattern, baby toys, kids scarves

As Xmas is coming you can always find kids in need who would be more than happy to get self-made Santa- stockings -

Image Source
Even if you don´t own an embroidery machine the ideas at Embroidery Library are just awesome. Based on the pattern I made 48 stockings last year for charity (link here).

I won´t share all my ideas in the 1st post of the month so stay tuned there´s more to come :)


  1. What a great X-mas stocking. Charity sails is not so populair in the Netherlands, but perhaps I can make something for an annual sale for a church or elderly home.

    1. Hi Sonja, there are other ways of charity sewing - like stuff for hospitals (specialized in kids) or local hospice organizations. Just wrote a post with a few more ideas. :)