1 Jul 2015

My First Pattern Test

I`ve always been dreaming about doing a pattern test one day. And since I believe in the power of thought and wish in May I was given a chance. I got to test the Nautilus Swimsuit. Not particularly something I would ever think of making but the pattern did get me cranked and I love challenges. Besides I´ve never sewn swimsuit fabric although I had some in my stash since ever. 

There are a few things to think about when dealing with swimsuit fabric

1. They´re usually 4-way stretch. It does not make handling easy so anyone who has no experience with stretch jersey-s should rather start with something less challenging.

2. A ball point needle or a stretch needle is a must. Serger is not required (I haven´t used mine for this one at all). Regular sewing machines have a zig-zag stitch that will be just perfect. For best results I´d recommend a narrow setting. If possible reducing the foot pressure will also help to reduce waviness of fabric.

3.  Cut very carefully. There´s not much room for playing so you want your pattern pieces cut precisely.

Sewing itself did not take that long, the instructions were good (and even better updated after the test was completed). I did the bikini version and realized the bottoms are also perfect for underwear. The top makes me look very flat so I´ll probably give that away.

What did I learn from the test? 
Read instructions first and don´t think you already know how to do things. I missed to properly sew the elastic in first time. 
I´d prefer to buy RTW bikinis going forward but knowing I could do it myself is very calming and rewarding. 
The bottoms are really cool for underwear. I ended up wearing the bikini bottom as underwear as well.

Bikini bottom with elastic screwed a bit

Bikini top with the twist

My version as underwear

Mindig is szerettem volna szabásmintát tesztelni. Mivel hiszek a gondolat teremtő erejében, májusban jött a lehetőség. Fürdőruha/bikini minta, Nautilus a neve. Sosem jutna eszembe ilyet varrni magamtól, pedig volt ilyen anyagom már elég régen, valami ismeretlen felindulásból vettem még kb. 10 éve.
Elég sokat tanultam a tesztből (aki még nem nagyon varrt jersey-t ne ezzel kezdje).
Pl azt, hogy továbbra is inkább kész bikinit fogok venni, bár a tudat, hogy meg tudom én is varrni nagyon megnyugtató. Az alsó része tökéletes bugyi, a teteje sajnos nagyon lelapít, úgyhogy valószínűleg nem fogom hordani.

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