1 Oct 2018

Transitional Sewing

I was sewing - not blogging. Now it´s time to start taking pictures. Here are the first ones from September. The T-shirt I made a bunch of times and still like it a lot. This one is done of leftovers.

Young Lady is growing and needs a full new wardrobe. I already started back in summer but there´s a lot more on the list. Dress made of leftovers with pockets and a snap closure at the back. I have no idea how the Ottobre designers thought this would work without a closure. I´ve noticed this a few times already that the neck openings are left a bit tight.

Burda 2/2013 Model 126

Ottobre 4/2017

Back opening with the snap - I had to cut about 10cm-s to make sure it gets over her head

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