5 Jul 2018

Grey Linen

I had the fabric since a while and had in mind do make a set (Pattern Burda 4/2002 117b+127)
Everything went wrong what could go wrong.

  • I should ´ve listened to my inner fairy saying the skirt pattern is crap. It was, same piece for back and front with darts of same size - WTF? Of course I had to hack it to fit.
  • I didn´t set the iron properly for the lining (poly) and almost burnt a whole into it - was already assembled. Luckily it happened at the bottom and the hemming helped a lot.
  • I had to rip the side seams to give some ease on both the cover and the lining. When ripping I cut into it twice. Yes, twice. Ironing some fusible interface on the wrong side got me covered.
  • The collar is not supposed to look like this but I just don´t care.
  • When doing the buttonholes my machine was not set properly so I had to rip the first hole twice. (Yes, I was kicking myself for not setting the automatic buttonhole properly the first time AND testing it at least once)
  • When cutting the holes my ripper got out of control and cut into fabric. Luckily not through. My finger stopped it. Yes, I was bleeding but not onto the garment.

Regardless of sweat and blood I like the outcome. Here. 

From a distance everything looks perfect

Not sure if this is how it should look like

Ripper accident fixed

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