18 Jun 2018

Clear Elastic

Here´s an addition to my gadget list. I started to use it not long ago and it´s a great little invention for ruffling and such. I also have a ruffler foot but that requires a lot of calculations which I´m not very good at.
Clear elastic is also known to keep shoulder seams stable.
It´s available in many places  - I got it from Aliexpress but it takes a while - so take that into consideration.

So to use it I just prestretch some. It does stretch when sewn so if you miss this step you´re probably end up with something too loose.
Then cut to the size I want my final length to be+5cm for the ends, hold it against the fabric (which needs to be ruffled) and sew (you´ll need to stretch the elastic while sewing).

I usually set my stitch length to the longest possible - 6mm. Then just sew along. The good thing is it stretches and even if you were not 100% precise you still have room to fix. 

Since you´re basting with it when using for ruffling you can just rip it off and remove the basting stitches or if it´s on the wrong side you can also leave it in. I prefer to rip it out no matter what.

So here´s my final piece  for Young Lady - 
Pattern Ottobre 1/2013 Circus Horse

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