4 May 2018

My Favorite Sewing Gadgets

I´ve come across a few things I found very useful during my sewing career. Here´s a few of them - and the reasons why. What are yours?

1. Bodkin for threading elastic
There are 2 versions - I use the wider one more.

Wide version

Narrow version

2. Wonder Clips
Some fabrics don´t like pins as either they´re too delicate or every pin would leave a mark. I used clips a lot - they can be bought in bulk for little money. I have both Clover and no-name versions but I could not tell any difference in quality.

3. Bias Tape Makers
I have a set of 4 - they´re available from China as well as branded ones. These are of great help when you need to do a lot of binding.

4. Air erasable marker
I didn´t like using chalk - the lines tended to be too thick. These markers are great for any time - they disappear with time (darker colors take longer) or with a few sprinkles of water.

5. Silicone finger protection for ironing
I was burning my fingers so many times with the steam iron while making tapes or ironing smaller pieces. Those times were over with these.

6. Chalk roller
My latest discovery. These are great for fine lines and work well on most fabrics. Wouldn´t use them on very fine fabrics though as it has a little wheel with teeth which distributes the chalk.

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  1. Some of these are my favourites too.