25 Apr 2018

Stash Busting On

I had a few fabrics I wanted to turn into wearable items this season. One of them was a crashed fabric 50% cotton, 50% linen, 5% silk and 5% PE. I hate ironing so it was a very nice choice for a long sleeve something. Originally meant to be a dress but ended up as a tunic from Burda 2/2013 Model # 121. It ended up a bit hacked - I added a sash and eliminated the neck opening as it´s loose enough and I was lazy. I love the end result and it will also be great for holidays as it´s extremely light (and unexpectedly a bit sheer too).

As the nice spring weather came I realized Little Lady have almost no light pants to wear. I turned the leftover of my holiday skirt for her - this time cut in the right direction. Pattern from Ottobre - used a million times already in different setups (like here for carneval or here for PJ pants or here for jogging pants).

Both of these items are great for beginners as well.

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