13 Aug 2013

Recycled Laces/Csipke recycling

I had a bunch of these laces still left. I made a quick project of a little pouch (20x12x4cm) to hold my survival kit (like rescue sheet in case somebody needs to be wrapped, wet towels, lipstick, hairband, hairclips, painkiller).
I guess I'll do some more of this for my travel stitching stuff as well :)

Még mindig van bőven mentett csipkém. Varrtam egy kis tartót (20x14x4cm) a túlélőkészletemnek (izofólia hátha valakit bele kell tekerni, nedves törlő, rúzs, mini cipőkanál, hajcsat, hajgumi, Rubophen, kutyakakizacskó). Asszem varrok még ilyet pl az utazó varrókészletemnek is :)


  1. I love my little pouch like this!! It's the perfect size for my embroidery hoop and threads when I travel. I was planning to make one up when I returned home and got your package! It was perfect! Thanks again!

    1. In fact, I haven't realized how handy it is until I made yours.
      I'm very happy you like it - I wanted to make something that matches the rest :)

  2. Klassz lett!
    Ha én tudnék cipzárat varrni...! :)